Guidelines for Participating in Iwan Simonis
Ride the 9 Tour

Tour Director reviews all questionable Handicaps

With any player, we reserve the right to:

1) Change a player’s handicap before/during a tournament,

2) If false information about a handicap, match, game, etc is obtained, we will issue a warning, loss of game, loss of match or players may be banned

Addendum or changes may be made to the guidelines at any time

We have the right to refuse any player

We are trying to make this season our best yet!

In order to do so, we need to make some changes.

•We are asking you to please arrive on time. If you cannot be on time, please let us know and we will implement a 15-minute grace period.

•We ask all players who are interested in the player's meeting to please report to the appointed area upon our request. If you are not at the meeting upon our second request, we will continue the meeting.

•Any matches holding up brackets may have a 45-second shot clock implemented, unless there is enough time to finish our day in a timely fashion.


Tour Fees:

All Regular Season Events: $10 per player (fee dependent on venue, field,  equipment, etc.)- Money for Admin fee, restocking fee, advertising, software, hardware, website upkeep, etc.

Finale: $15 per player

Green Fees: Green fees of $5 per player will be subtracted from the prize fund on the day of the tournaments when applicable.